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Getting Ahead LogoGECAC's Getting Ahead is an Erie Together program that focuses on the elimination of poverty in Erie County. The mission is to provide low-income individuals and returning citizens with the tools needed to become independent and provide for their self and families. Upon completion of a 10-week program on how to "Get Ahead" when living in poverty, participants are paired with a mentor who offers support and acts as a positive role model, while working to fulfill their goals and get ahead.

As a Mentor you will offer:

  • Mentors share their knowledge, experiences, and wisdom.
  • Contacts. Mentors provide valuable opportunities by facilitating academic, career, and personal contacts.
  • Mentors stimulate curiosity and build confidence by presenting new ideas, opportunities, and challenges.
  • Mentors encourage growth and achievement by providing an open and supportive environment.
  • Goal Setting. Mentors help Participants discover talents and interests and define and attain their goals.
  • Mentors guide Participants in reaching academic, career, and personal goals.
  • Role Models. By sharing stories of achievement with Participants, Mentors can become role models.

Volunteer Qualifications

Be willing to offer support and act as a positive role model, while your participant works to fulfill their goals and get ahead.

What You Will Do

  • Attend a one-time, 3.5-hour training based on Bridges Out Of Poverty
  • Attend one monthly meeting with Getting Ahead participants and staff to discuss challenges
  • Contact your participant by phone or in-person as needed throughout the month

 What GECAC Will Do

  • Pair you with a Getting Ahead participant
  • Provide training

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