GECAC will be closed on Friday, April 2nd in observance of Good Friday. Due to COVID-19, GECAC offices are closed to the public. The staff is serving clients via phone, email, and virtual. Go to our COVID-19 Guidance page for information on how to receive services.

Housing Programs and Services

Low-income families and seniors can't afford rent or utilities.

COVID-19 Information: GECAC offices are closed to the public due to COVID-19 but our dedicated staff is serving clients via phone, email, and virtual. 

*Weatherization—GECAC will no longer be providing weatherization services in the city of Erie. We have transferred this program to Northwest Pennsylvania Weatherization. Please contact Dianna Schlosser at (866) 525-1872 to apply for services.

What people pay in rent as a percentage of their incomes has a lot to do with whether they can invest in other parts of their lives including education, food, transportation, and medicine.

Substandard housing contributes significantly to the health issues faced by many low-income children. Children who have secure, affordable housing are far more likely to stay in school and succeed socially, and their parents are far more likely to keep a job and maintain a family income.

GECAC provides assistance for utility costs and rent payments so families can live in safe, healthy, and affordable housing.