Upward Bound

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High school students from low-income families and those with parents who did not graduate from college are less likely to obtain a college degree.

Our Impact

Each year, through academic and social experiences, 74 underrepresented students are prepared to attend college.   For graduating and current students of GECAC Upward Bound, it is only onward and upward from here!


GECAC Upward Bound seeks students that are committed to their education and are highly motivated in their pursuit of attaining a college education and achieving their career and professional goals. Our academic year and summer programs are rigorous and designed to motivate and prepare students for college.

Working collaboratively with two school districts in Erie County, our program offers services at the students' home schools and at Pennsylvania Western University, Edinboro Campus during the academic year and during a six-week summer session.

Participating Schools

  • Erie High School
  • Perseus House Charter School of Excellence

Partnering University

  • Pennsylvania Western University, Edinboro Campus


There are three primary criteria for Upward Bound eligibility:

  1. Grades 9-12
  2. Attend one of the participating schools
  3. Parents did not graduate college and/or family income is within 150% of federal poverty guidelines

Become an Upward Bound Student

Upward Bound Application

Please complete the application and return it to your school's guidance counselor or mail it to:

Frank DelleCurti, Program Director
Upward Bound
18 West 9th Street
Erie, PA 16501


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Program Director
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