PA Medicare Education And Decision Insight Volunteer


Become a PA MEDI volunteer! Most PA MEDI counselors are volunteers who start out as concerned citizens who have a question or issue regarding their own health insurance.  Once they find the answer, they want to learn more and share what they have learned with others.

PA MEDI is a free health insurance counseling program designed to help seniors with Medicare:

  • Understand your Medicare benefits by explaining what services are covered under Medicare Parts A and B and your Medicare Summary Notice
  • Understand your Medicare Prescription Drug (Part D) benefit
  • Make informed choices about Medicare coverage options, Medigap policies, and Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Understand Medicare eligibility and enrollment
  • Understand financial assistance programs that may be available to help pay for your Medicare premiums, deductible, and co-pays, as well as your prescription drug needs (Extra Help and Medicare Savings Plan)
  • Understand and assist with the Medicare appeal process
  • Understand benefits under Long Term Care policies
  • By making presentations on Medicare to your group or organization

Volunteer Qualifications

  • Cannot have an active insurance license to sell insurance
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Must be able to:
    • Complete online training modules
    • Complete a three-day in-person certification training (will likely include travel out of county)
    • Complete an evaluation/shadowing period with an assigned mentor and attend other training and meetings as scheduled
    • Knowledge of Medicare Insurance is not required.

What You Will Do

  • You will attend free training about Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, Medigap, Medicare prescription drug coverage, appeals, fraud and abuse, and more.
  • Counsel seniors on Medicare options.

What GECAC Will Do

GECAC will ensure that volunteers are provided the appropriate training, support, and guidance.

Volunteer Opportunities

Most volunteers become certified counselors.  Other roles can be explored for those able to provide office support, community education, and some counselors are trained in specialty areas.

Becoming a Volunteer

  • Participate in an in-person or phone interview.
  • Volunteers will complete and submit an application packet that includes State and Federal clearance requests.
  • Meet with their assigned mentor and receive the initial training instructions.

Volunteer Locations

  • GECAC Headquarters (18 West 9th Street)
  • Corry Senior Center
  • Erie West Senior (8th Street)
  • North East Senior Center
  • Northwestern Senior Center (Albion)
  • RBW Central City Senior Center (Downtown)
  • Tri-Boro Senior Center (Fairview)
  • Union City Senior Center

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