Domiciliary Care

The Issue

The average monthly cost of assisted living in the U.S. is roughly $3,750 a month, or about $45,000 per year. Traditionally, Medicare does not cover the costs of assisted living facilities.

Our Impact

GECAC Domiciliary Care enables residents to live in a home with others in a family atmosphere and save thousands of dollars a month on daily living services.


The Domiciliary Care program is more commonly referred to as Dom Care. Dom Care is offered as an alternative to assisted living. Under Dom Care, the person in need of care moves into the home of a caregiver, who is over the age of 21 and receives care assistance in their home. The individual in need of care is referred to as the Dom Care Resident and the caregivers are called Dom Care Providers.

Providers are screened by GECAC to make certain both they and their homes pass safety and background checks.

Dom Care Residents receive room, board, and care services at a cost significantly lower than traditional assisted living or nursing home care, but the real attraction for most participants is the family home environment into which they move. Dom Care Providers are permitted to care for a maximum of three residents, but the majority of them care for only one resident or occasionally for married couples.


  • Age 18 and older.
  • Unable to live independently, but capable of remaining in the community with support from others in a private residential setting.
  • Providers cannot be related to the Resident.
  • State supplements are available for residents who are eligible and lack sufficient funds.
  • Contact Aging Information.

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