Utility Assistance Programs

The Utility Assistance Programs provide case management & assistance to customers who have become payment-troubled in their energy and/or heating accounts due to emergency situations. Programs under this category include PCAP, Dollar Energy Fund (maximum grant of $500) and NFG Neighbor-for-Neighbor (max grant of $300).

Dollar Energy Fund

The Dollar Energy Fund is a once a year lump sum grant from an emergency hardship fund designed to help GPU residential customers who have become payment troubled due to an emergency situation (i.e. loss of employment, illness, divorce) and need temporary help in paying their electric bill. Program funding is provided by Penelec customers, company employees, and First Energy shareholders.  Grant is applied directly to payment due, it will not make future payments.

Accepts applicants from October 1st through February 28th or 29th from customers whose service is terminated. Open to all customers March 1st through September 30th as funds are available.

NFG Neighbor-for-Neighbor

The Neighbor For Neighbor Heat Fund, a first-come, first-served home-heating assistance grant program, provides assistance to low-income individuals to help pay for energy-related expenses. Eligible individuals can receive a maximum $300 per calendar year to pay overdue heat bills, to purchase fuel or to repair heating equipment. In order to qualify for a grant, applicants must fall into at least one of the following classifications: Be at least 55 years old; a member of their household must be handicapped or have a disability that reduces the household’s income; have a certified medical emergency. Applicants must have made at least four payments to their heating bills within a 12-month period from the date of application. Recipients need not be customers of National Fuel but must reside within the Company’s service territory.

Participation Requirements:

  • Provide proof of income
  • Provide most recent energy or heating bill
  • Notice of services terminated or a denial letter

Customer Assistance Program

Pennsylvania Customer Assistance Program (PCAP) is no longer being offered by GECAC. The following sheet will inform you how to access the PCAP.

PCAP Contact Information PCAP Contact Information (99 KB)