Ombudsman advocates for residents of long term care facilities, evaluates, and mediates the complaints made by or on behalf of residents. Volunteers are recruited and trained to assist the Ombudsman. These volunteers can be individuals from the community or they may be peer volunteers who actually reside within the long-term facilities, all providing visits and resources for the residents.

Services Include:

  • Access to information about Ombudsman services through on-site visits to nursing facilities, personal care homes, and domiciliary care homes
  • Assist residents in protecting their health, safety, welfare, and rights
  • Provide information and education related to long-term care services and the rights of older individuals who are consumers of those services
  • Coordinate and monitor the Ombudsman Volunteer Program

The PEER program is a five week course during which the residents learn advocacy skills and resident rights. PEERs are taught how to work with facility staff to be part of the solution to enhance the quality of life and the quality of the care for themselves and their fellow residents. Self-resolution and empowerment are emphasized and encouraged through this training. Residents remain productive, involved members of their facility and community. PEER: Pennsylvania’s Empowered Expert Residents!

Awards and Recognitions

PEER Award: “PEER Footprints” – May 2011
“PEER Mission” Formula for Success- March 2011

Ombudsman Award:
“Mission: Formula for Success” – March 2008

Participation Requirements: 

Complaints may be filed by consumers of long-term care services, by family or legal representatives on their behalf.

Follow-up period: Complaints are investigated within five working days, and cases are continued until resolution is reached.