Re-Entry Services and Support Alliance

The Erie County Re-Entry Services and Support Alliance (ECRSSA)  provides support and services to transitioning clients through a network of community and faith-based organizations in partnership with the criminal justice system. Our vision is to support, empower and help transitioning clients fully integrate back into our community.

GECAC will help the participants with accessing job training, employment, education, medical and mental health care, and housing.

Who are Transitioning Clients?

  •  individuals released from federal, state or county prison re-entering Erie County after serving a sentence for a criminal conviction; or
  •  people re-entering a law-abiding life from criminal network involvement.

Participant Requirements

Re-Entry Support to those returning to Erie County from federal, state, or county incarceration:

  • Individual is a medium to high risk offender or has high needs for service supports such as medical, mental health or drug and alcohol
  • Referrals should be made by prison or parole staff using the Re-Entry Screening Referral Form which is available upon request   

Call In Strategy Support to those re-entering a law-abiding life from criminal networks:

  • Criminal justice partners will identify and invite chronic violent offenders to receive a sincere offer of support to become law abiding citizens
  • Law enforcemnet will provide targeted enforcement actions toward the chronic violent offenders who continue to engage in gun violence

ECRSSA Brochure ECRSSA Brochure (346 KB)

Information for Parole Officers Information for Parole Officers (245 KB)

Unified Erie Progress Report 2018 Unified Erie Progress Report 2018 (17287 KB)

Funding for ECRSSA is provided by United Way of Erie County and The Erie Community Foundation.