Board of Directors


 Michael Butler
Board Chairperson

Chanel M. Cook

Board Vicechair

 Homer L. Smith, Jr.

Board Secretary

 Christine F. Konzel

Board Treasurer


 Adrian Beliveau

 Pasquale J. Bruno, III

 Stephen M. Danch

 Brenda McWilliams


 Alice Quinones

 Alison Samuels

 Kathleen R. Scott

 Mary TImashenka


Not pictured: 


 Gwendolyn White

Shaquana Hansbrew


The GECAC Board of Directors is made up of community volunteers who have a commitment to the mission and goals of the agency. This volunteer board is representative of the low-income sector, the private sector, and the public sector ensuring that all segments of the community are working together for the common good of the target population. 

The board is responsible for setting policy which governs the conduct of agency programs and services. Through a committee structure, members of the board work closely with staff to ensure effective implementation of services to the community. 

The board of directors meets at 5:30 pm on the third Tuesday of every month (excluding July and August) at GECAC central offices. 

Meetings for 2017 will take place on the following dates: 

  • January 17 
  • February 21 
  • March 21 
  • April 18 
  • May 16 
  • June 20 
  • September 19 
  • October 17 
  • November 21
  •  December 19 - Place to be determined