As of March 14, 2022, the Erie County Re-Entry Services and Support Alliance program (ECRSSA) which was managed and operated by GECAC—will be transferred to the YMCA.

We thank the advisory committee and funders for choosing GECAC in 2016 to develop and establish the Re-Entry program and the Gun Violence Reduction Strategy, known as the Call-In.

GECAC is proud of the accomplishments that we have achieved through the Re-Entry program. We have helped more than 500 clients access community-based services and have helped 78% of our clients obtain employment. We are especially pleased with our low recidivism rate (Erie County's recidivism rate is 58% and the ECRSSA recidivism rate is 15%). These factors together with our dedicated team of re-entry professionals made it possible for hundreds of people with a criminal record to successfully re-enter the community.

As the Re-Entry program moves to the Downtown YMCA, GECAC will continue to offer services such as adult education, employment and income, housing, and senior services to help unlock brighter futures for people with a criminal records.

We wish the ECRSSA program continued success. For more information about ECRSSA contact:

Downtown YMCA
Helen Carter-Snell
(814) 452-3261