Senior Advocate

The Issue

Seniors often find themselves in situations that can be difficult to navigate ranging from paperwork and rent issues to lost personal documents and understanding health insurance.

Our Impact

GECAC's Senior Advocate assists more than 2,000 seniors and their families, helping them to navigate difficult issues.


GECAC's Senior Advocate works with older adults that need general assistance. This is a relationship that engages and empowers those individuals who call GECAC when they don't know what else to do.

GECAC's Senior Advocate helps older adults with situations like these:

  • Help in applying for transportation assistance for older adults through the local LIFT Paratransit service 

  • Help in getting devices to assist with daily tasks (such as free cell phone programs or large button phone)

  • Help in letter writing or housing applications

  • Help older adults organize and get assistance to understand monthly finances and budgets, including assisting them to work directly with their financial institutions/banks

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