Nursing Home Transition

The Issue

Nursing home transition programs are viewed as one strategy to help reduce the high levels of Medicaid spending associated with nursing home care.

Our Impact

GECAC helps nearly 60 seniors per year to  move out of long-term care facilities into their own home or apartment. This provides cost savings and holistic support through a physical and stressful transition.


Nursing Home Transition is the process of assisting individuals 60 years of age and older to move from a nursing home back to the community. This transition begins with identifying nursing facility residents who wish to return to the community. The program supports seniors by coordinating services associated with assisting them to remain in the community.

GECAC will help you by:

  • Counseling you and your family on Long Term Living supports and community services
  • Advocating on your behalf
  • Finding you a house or apartment
  • Providing information and connecting to additional supports
  • Getting your vital records for housing and other benefits
  • Assisting in developing and coordinating your discharge plan
  • Renovating your home to provide ramps, grab bars and other needed medical equipment
  • Buying household supplies and initial furnishings
  • Paying for moving expenses and security deposits


If you or a loved one is interested in returning to the community from a nursing facility, you may initiate the nursing home transition process by either:

  • Contacting nursing facility staff to initiate a Nursing Home Transition.
  • Contacting GECAC's Nursing Home Transition team directly.

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