Homeless Assistance Program

Homeless Assistance Program provides rent, security deposit, mortgage, and utility/ energy assistance payments on behalf of eligible applicants to legitimate landlords or vendors. Homeless or near homeless as defined by:

  • Residing in a group shelter
  • Domestic violence shelter
  • Hotel or motel paid for with public or charitable funds
  • Mental health, drug or alcohol facility
  • Jail
  • Hospital with no place to reside
  • Living in a home but due to domestic violence, needs a safe place to reside
  • Have received verification that they are facing foster care placement of their children solely because of lack of adequate housing
  • Need housing to allow reunification with children who are in foster care placement
  • Living in a condemned building
  • Living in housing in which the physical environment presents life and/or health threatening conditions
  • Living on the streets, in cars, doorways, etc.
  • Have an eviction notice from a District Justice.

Rental Assistance for County Brochure Rental Assistance for County Brochure (792 KB)

Participation Requirements:

  • Produce a copy of documentation of a District Justice eviction or complete a Homeless Certification form
  • Pay for a matching fee as determined by household income
  • With an installment agreement, make monthly rent due payments in addition to a payment of at least 10% of the monthly rent

Follow-up period: Assistance to attain self-sufficiency is measured by retaining permanent housing for one year after being assisted.