Getting Ahead

Getting Ahead is an Erie Together program that focuses on the elimination of poverty in Erie County. Our mission is to provide participants - low income individuals and
returning citizens - with the tools they need to move from dependency to self-sufficiency. Upon completion of a 10-week course on how to “Get Ahead” when living in poverty, participants are paired with a mentor who offers them support and acts as a positive role model, while they work to fulfill their goals and get ahead.

Become A Mentor

Most of us can think of people in our lives, more experienced than ourselves, who taught us something new, offered advice, presented a challenge, initiated friendship, or simply expressed an interest in our development as a person. They helped us negotiate an uphill path or find an entirely new path to a goal in our personal and/or professional lives. They showed us a world larger than our neighborhood. They pointed out talents that we hadn't noticed in ourselves and stimulated ideas about what we might be able to accomplish.
Although many of us have benefited from these kinds of relationships, one disadvantage to living in poverty is a lack of access to mentors, positive role models, and the valuable information that these relationships offer. That is why YOUR involvement is such an important part of the Getting Ahead program!

Getting Ahead Mentor Brochure Getting Ahead Mentor Brochure (832 KB)